Network Video HQ announces the end of an Era!

C.E.O. of The Network Group, Keran Wicks, announced that it would shutter its entertainment arm ‘Network Video’ in October 2020.

Don’t despair… There are still Network Video Stores around Australia for you to get your value movie and TV show rental fix. Google and find one near you.

About Network Video:

Launched by Keran Wicks in 1993, Network Video commenced in Melbourne with 12 member stores. Within 10 years the group boasted over 400 stores Australia wide.

“I was extremely fortunate to fall into the Video Industry in 1983 after being sacked from my retail management job for being pregnant”, said The Network Group C.E.O. Keran Wicks. “As the industry evolved and franchise models started to dominate the rental landscape, we saw the opportunity to launch an alternate model for a rental group.”

Network’s successes and many accolades over the close to 30 years proved the direction to be right. Just some of these include:

Network stores swept Rental Retailer Awards year on year including numerous ‘Retailer of the Year’ Awards.

Numerous Network Video HQ Marketing awards including Best Marketing Campaign by a Rental group for Exclusive to Video, 1996, Videology 2000 & 2003 and the much lauded Cans 4 Films Charity Campaign 2008 – 2013 that saw over 150 tonnes of food delivered direct to the needy of Australia.

Testimony to the success of Network was the award from The Financial Review – Top 20 Most Innovative Companies in Australia in 2013.

The only rental group in the world owned and run by a woman, Keran was heavily involved in industry bodies from the start, holding executive positions within AVRA (Australian Video Retail Association) and VIPA (Video Industry Promotion Association).

“I have always believed if you have strong opinions, you are obliged to get involved and play your part” Keran commented.

Highlights include the winning of the landmark lawsuit in Federal Court led by AVRA against Warner Home Video which saw two tier pricing outlawed in Australia.

Winning The Keith Williams Award for service to the Australian Rental Industry.

The only Retailer to present a Rental Marketing Campaign at the 20th Century Fox Worldwide Rental Conference in Las Vegas, Keran presented Network’s Videology Campaign, translated into 8 languages, to conference delegates from every rental group across the world.

Being the only woman retailer worldwide to own and run a rental group was not without its challenges. ‘When I started in the industry it was totally male dominated, Industry meetings regularly commenced with “Good Morning Gentlemen & Keran”. We have enjoyed long standing, strong bonds with all suppliers, distributors and studios that continue, and I thank them for their support and for the many friendships that have been forged along the way.

I have been extremely fortunate to be involved in the Video Industry in Australia from its very, very early days and am privileged indeed to have led and worked with the fantastic group of Video Retailers that formed Network Video. I am truly grateful and humbled by our member support of Network throughout the years, unseen anywhere else in the industry.