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Network Video Home Entertainment Experts is the largest group of independent retailers in the Australian video industry, and is experiencing growth previously unknown in this market. From a humble beginning of 12 members in December 1993, our numbers have swelled to approximately 300 members twenty years on.

Our business model sees Network as the key and vital link between retailers and suppliers, representing each to the other. Network also provides retailers with an unparalleled degree of service in all facets of video rental & retailing, from providing marketing, merchandising, staff training, management and business advice, to keeping them aware of industry issues and representing their interests to distributors. Network retailers have full control of their strategic direction and plans, but work within this business model and utilise the range of tools it makes available to them.

To this end, marketing is an integral part of the Network formula. In 1999, we added an in-house marketing division to elevate our service and guidance to members in this burgeoning area.

After conducting our own research and scrutinising every other industry study we could find, we devised a series of initiatives including the Videology campaign, which was the AVRRA (Australian Video Rental Retailers Association) Best Marketing Campaign By A Group winner for 2000. The success of Videology drove us to undertake the next phase of the campaign, featuring Australian entertainment icon Ian “Molly” Meldrum.

Our marketing initiatives are consistently supported with other promotions designed to target all potential areas. The various strategic alliances Network has forged through the years with suppliers and distributors enable us to secure high profile marketing tools (such as the Videology campaign) at reduced costs to Network members.

Every Network store has the industry's best resource on hand 24 hours a day. The my.networkvideo.com.au website has over 3,000 pages of industry news, information, exclusive products, order forms, promotional material that are always available as they are required. Together with lists of preferred suppliers and their services, my.networkvideo.com.au builds the professionalism of our members, helping them secure their business in their areas and adding to their growth.

Our key point of difference is the way in which we service Network members and the ethos that if Network retailers do not experience growth, nor do we.

We are in the unique position that the core of our business is service to our members, not selling franchises.

Network's main focus is working in unison with our retailers and suppliers, building long term relationships, ensuring the best results for all concerned.

TToday, the emphasis is on marketing performance coupled with well researched, planned and co-ordinated buying strategies.

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